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Whether you’re working busy days or traveling out of town, ensuring your dog is safe and cared for is your top priority. You want to be confident your dog is healthy and happy so you can focus on your work (or your play). This is where Canine Cuties comes dashing in.

Canine Cuties is a team of licensed, attentive, warmhearted dog-sitters providing in-home care you can count on. We’re also a member of Pet Sitters International

To us, quality pet care is about warmth, reliability, attention to specific instructions and helping dog owners feel at ease while they’re away from their best pals.

Whether your dog needs attention during the day for playtime, exercise and a mid-day meal, or they need company through the night while you’re away for an extended time, we’re always here for you (and for them).

It’s about convenience and peace of mind for you; it’s about comfort and companionship for your dog. No crowded kennels, no bothering family or neighbors, no uncertainty (we’ll even send you text-photo updates so you can literally see what your pal is up to).

Rest assured while you’re away; in-home pet care with Canine Cuties is the safest, most caring option for the snuggliest part of your family.

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Our Custom Care Guarantee

guarantee-logoYou trust us with caring for your dog, and we take that very seriously. In order to ensure you’re thrilled with our services; we’ve created our Custom Care Guarantee

  • We promise to respect your home as your personal space.
  • We promise to leave your house as tidy as we found it.
  • We promise to give our full attention to your dogs while we are with them.
  • We promise to share updates with you, even if it’s simply that we’re having a ball together.
  • We promise to follow any special care instructions you requested, such as leaving the blinds drawn, turning the lights on or off, locking the door (but not the deadbolt) … whatever it might be.
  • We promise to make sure your dog receives love and attention while you’re away (at work, on vacation, anywhere).
  • We promise to do our part to help you worry less while you’re away.

Our Promise to You: We Keep Our Promises!

How We Give Back

Our Hearts Lead Us In All We Do.

new-spca-logo-smallEach time you use Canine Cuties, you’re helping underserved animals, as we offer free services to new parents who adopt through the SPCA. We have soft spots for pups and dogs everywhere, and we get so thrilled when we see happy families who have found the perfect dog(s) to round out their loving homes. There’s so much warmth and joy when dog owners find the perfect match … our hearts are jumping just talking about it. Thinking that we could help even one family find their perfect pup keeps us overly motivated to support the SPCA and other dog-friendly organizations that do their part to help dogs without families of their own receive care and treatment.

In order to support these organizations, we’ve made a few commitments since starting Canine Cuties:

  1. We’re proud to offer free services to new parents.
  2. All of our pet-nannies are encouraged to volunteer with the SPCA or similar organizations.
  3. We’re open to any opportunities to help like-minded organizations in their fundraising efforts. In the past, we’ve donated silent-auction items to nonprofits such as the Girl Scouts, Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Humane Society and others.

Our Team

Keeping your dog happy, safe and healthy takes equal parts love and responsibility—and our pet-sitters are brimming with both. When we visit your home to love and care for your dog, we promise to respect your personal space and leave your home as tidy as we found it. We’ll mind the details, show up when we say and keep your dog safe. Our reputation is everything to us, and you can count on us delivering all we say we will.

Canine Cuties Pet-Sitter Certification
Canine Cuties Team

Pet-sitter certification Training

At Canine Cuties, you can always be confident that your dog is receiving certified, customized, loving care. Our pet-nannies are trained to care for several different household pets on a given day, so please understand we will arrive within 2 hours of your requested visit time, (for example, if you request we visit at noon, we will visit sometime between 11am-1pm). We’re licensed and our pet-nannies go through a rigorous vetting process, background check, and training for Red Cross pet CPR and first aid, as well as dog behavioral training. All of our trainers meet the following Canine Cuties standards:

PET CPR CERTIFIED ✓ Certified ? Unknown ? Unknown
PET FIRST-AID CERTIFIED ✓ Certified ? Unknown ? Unknown
BACKGROUND CHECKS ✓ Certified ✓ Certified ? Unknown
THOROUGH TRAINING ✓ Certified ? Unknown ? Unknown
LICENSED & INSURED ✓ Certified ✓ Certified ? Unknown
TRAINED FOR ELDER ANIMAL CARE ✓ Certified ? Unknown ? Unknown
EMERGENCY-READY ✓ Certified ✓ Certified ? Unknown

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