Find the Perfect Care Plan For Your Family

From signing up to our first day together, here’s a peek at the process:

  1. Give us a call to schedule your Custom Care Consultation. 775.722.0189
  2. At the consultation, we will meet you and your cutie(s) and fill out your personal Custom Care Plan.
  3. After our visit, you will receive an email with copies of all the important documents and any other next-step information.
  4. We’ll see your cutie again on the first day of your service!
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The Custom Care Plan

We love that your dog is unique… in fact we’ve planned for it!

custom-care-planIt’s important to us your dog gets all the special treatment they do when you’re there to give it. You know what they like and how they like it, so before our first stay with them, we’ll fill out a Custom Care Plan with you. Thanks to our Custom Care Plan, your dog nanny will be able to account for the details so your dogs can stay comfortable in their routines … it all helps them have an easier time when you’re away.

guarantee-logoThe Custom Care Plan Covers:

  • Food and Meds
  • Play and Snuggles
  • Exercise and Socialization
  • House Rules
  • Additional Services
  • And ALL the little details that make your dog special!

$30 for first pet, $10 for each additional • Required per pet for all new clients
Includes up to 1 hour consultation Creation and delivery of fully documented plan

Group Walks!

Custom Small-group Walks
$30 / hour

What makes these walks “customized”? We’re so glad you asked!

  • Our small groups will include no more than 4 friendly dogs at a time.
  • Dogs will be matched by personality and size so their walks are fun and playtime is safe!
  • Of course, we’ll take care of the clean-up should any of the dogs need to take care of business while we’re out walking about!

Personalized In-Your-Home Pet Visits

Know your dog is happy, safe and healthy while you’re away during the day.

All prices shown for one dog. For extra dogs just add $15 each per visit!

Daily Care — Bits ‘n’ Kibbles

1-Hour Visit
(60 minutes)

Great for more exercise, more time for play time and attention!

  • 40 minute on-leash walk
  • Fresh food and water
  • Belly rubs and cuddle time
  • Send quick check in photo


moonNightly Care — ‘Round the Clock

Full Care Visit
(7pm – 7am)

Great for when you’re away for a day.

  • Includes all needed requests in Custom Care Plan
  • On-leash walks and playtime
  • Fresh food and water
  • Belly rubs and cuddle time
  • Check in photos, My Talking Pet
  • Extra dogs only $50/each per day
  • 30-min afternoon walk


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