Attending Some Events That Are “No Dogs Allowed”? In Home Pet Care Reno

Living in the Reno-Tahoe region is nothing short of eventful. From summer art walks to lake days and even Sunday brunch in Midtown, there is always something to do! While there’s a whole bunch of family friendly events year-round, there are some that aren’t pet-friendly. Below are a few events in the area you won’t want to miss — so you might want to consider in home pet care for your cutie!

Artown – It’s pretty to cool to see our town become the town of art for an entire month, but unfortunately many of the events hosted by Artown don’t allow dogs. If you have your whole calendar marked up but you can’t bare to leave your cutie at home alone during the hot summer, give daytime in home pet care a try.

Wine Walks – Wine Walks in Reno certainly light up our riverside evenings, but you don’t want to be worrying about your pet during your night off. With in home pet care, you can enjoy your night out knowing your cutie is getting plenty of exercise, treats and snuggles while you’re gone.

Food Truck Fridays – When Friday comes around and you want to be the first in line for those mac-n-cheese egg rolls, you might not have time to run home and check on your pets. With daily in home pet care, you can leave your worry at work knowing a credible pet sitter will be at your house within 30 minutes of your scheduled visit. How cool is that?

Burning Man – If you’re a Reno-Tahoe local, you know Burning Man season can be a little chaotic. If you’re planning to attend this year, here’s a heads up: no dogs are allowed in Black Rock City. But that doesn’t mean your pets can’t have fun while you’re away! Check out our vacation packages. And remember to book well enough in advance, Burning Man is busy for everyone, even pet sitters!

Tahoe Shakespeare Festival – The Shakespeare Festival at Sand Harbor is a summertime theatrical event that takes places on a main beach in Tahoe that doesn’t allow dogs.

Rib Cook Off – With so many yummy ribs, merchant booths and large crowds, it’s no wonder the Rib Cook Off doesn’t allow dogs.

Balloon Races – Are you looking forward to sharing the Dawn Patrol experience with your new pup? That’s all fine and well … as long as you stay off the main balloon area. There are certain section of the park where dogs are allowed, so be sure to look for “No Dogs Allowed” signs to keep your pup safe during this experience fun for everyone. If your dog frightens easily, it might be better to keep your dog home with a pet sitter. The sound of the fire blowing up the balloons might startle your dog.

Barracuda Championship – You don’t have to be a golf expert to enjoy the Barracuda Championship, but you do have to leave your pets at home.

Reno Air Races – The Reno Air Races can be an unpredictable place. If your dog has a hard time with loud noises (nearly all dogs do!) then hire a professional pet sitter to take care of your dog while you’re off to the Air Races.

Not sure what kind of in home care is right for you? Check out our full list of services!