Elderly Pet Care In Reno

If you have an aging dog, taking care of her can call for several adjustments in your family dynamic. Daily walks are shorter, bathroom breaks are more frequent, and you will certainly find yourself scheduling more vet visits.

In a way, older dogs need lots of care like puppies do, but your dog won’t see it that way. Dogs are considered geriatric starting 7 years old, while larger breeds are geriatric as early as 6 years old. Seven years flies by when you have a dog, so If your dog is reaching geriatric age, here are some accommodations you can make in your dog’s daily schedule that will make this transition more smooth-sailing.  

Look for behavioral changes. As dogs age, their senses weaken which causes them to get overwhelmed, confused, disoriented and even irritable more easily. As the dog’s owner, it’s extremely important to be able to detect these behavior changes before anything harmful happens. If you can’t be at home during the days, consider hiring an in home pet sitter that specializes in elderly pet care while you’re away from home.

Keep an eye on their weight. As pets get older they tend to gain a little extra weight. Weight gain increases risk for certain health problems, so talk to your vet about adjusting their diet, or find out if any medications they are taking might be the cause.

Get them moving. Daily exercise never ceases to be an important part of a dog’s life. If your dog gets injured, or she’s too old for formal exercise, help them with targeted movement exercises to activate their muscles.

Keep their sleeping area cozy. Older pets often want to sleep as much as they can. Spending time in new environments can be overwhelming or inconvenient, while staying in the familiarity of their own home with a credible pet nanny can make aging more comfortable. Also, you might need to move their sleeping area to avoid stairs or any other physical obstacles.

Visit the vet. Talk to your vet for specific instructions on how to adjust to your dog’s diet and exercise plan. Also, vaccination needs are likely to change as they get older, so be sure to mention this, along with any other medications, to your vet.

Hire an In Home Pet Sitter. If you travel frequently or spend most of your day away from home, this can contribute to your aging dog’s discomfort or could lead to anxiety. Hiring a pet sitter can ensure all of their needs are being met, even when you can’t be there with them.


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