Summer Dog Day Care In Reno

Summer is heating up and there is so much fun to have before fall! Summer is big news to our dogs too. There are coats to be groomed and shaved, stay-cations to enjoy and … snakes to avoid! Check out our reasons why dog day care is an excellent idea if you live in Reno.

Summer Vacation is Underway – The kids are no longer in school, which means there’s a lot more time to enjoy a family day trip, go on vacations and head to the pool. But that doesn’t mean your dog will be able to come on every adventure. With dog day care, you can leave the guilt behind when you can’t bring your dog on a day trip.

Vacation, Here We Come! Did you finally snag those tickets for a getaway cruise? Or maybe your youngest kiddo is finally old enough to go to Disneyland. While this is all very exciting for the rest of the family, your dog probably won’t be able to join. Booking in-home pet care for your dog while you’re away can help him or her feel more comfortable than if you went with a boarding or kennel service.

Beat the Heat! In this heat, you never know how your pup might react. Dog’s can have heat stroke quickly in our high desert summers. While you’re away, it helps to have an accountable, pet CPR-certified professional pet sitter to take care of your dog in the heat. With a pet sitter, you can ensure your dog always has unlimited access to fresh water, food and equal amounts of indoor and outdoor time.

Seasonal Threats. This is also a big time of year for rattlesnakes. With a pet sitter to watch over your dog while you’re away, you can feel safe knowing your dog will be rushed to the hospital immediately if a snake bite or other harmful incident should occur.

No Dogs Allowed! With so many exciting events happening in Reno, you won’t want to miss a single one! Unfortunately, your dog might have to miss a few. Between Artown, Burning Man and the Rib Cook-Off, it will be very helpful to have a dog day care service to keep your dog entertained, fed and happy while you’re out enjoying summer.

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