As a pet owner, it can be borderline heartbreaking to leave your cutie at home while you head off to work. And when it comes to vacations, of course you would love to bring them along, but sometimes it’s just not possible. While you’ve probably considered a kennel service, it’s possible you haven’t heard good things (or you’ve had a less than spectacular experience in the past yourself). When you can’t be home with your pet, you want them to get attentive, loving care from an accountable, loving person. When a kennel doesn’t do it for you and your cutie, in-home pet-care is the solution to all your worries. In fact, when it comes to loving, attentive care for your pet, in-home pet care is the ONLY option for your family.

Benefits For Your Pets!

  • They get to stay in the safety and comfort of their home, instead of being relocated to a kennel.
  • The familiarity of their home–the scents, the sights, the sounds–can keep them at ease while you’re away.
  • Nutrition, medication and overall health practices can be maintained on the appropriate schedule.
  • Playtime and exercise remain a priority with an in-home pet-sitter.
  • Pet-sitters provide cuddles and snuggles on demand.
  • In case of an emergency, a pet-sitter has all the resources needed to tend to this issue immediately, including taking your dog to the vet if necessary.


Benefits For You, The Parent!

  • Have peace of mind knowing your pet is being cared for by an accountable, loving pet-sitter.
  • You no longer have to impose on neighbors, friends or family members to watch your pet when you’re away.
  • There’s no risk of your dog being harmed by another dog in a kennel.
  • With an extra person going in and out of your house during the day, you can breathe easy knowing your house is more secure.  


Why Canine Cuties Is THE In-Home Pet Care Service For You.

  • We are more than pet-sitters, we’re pet-nannies, we take special care to get to know your pet so we can give them all the love and care you give to them when you’re home.
  • Our Custom Care Plan ensures your full satisfaction and peace of mind.
  • All of our pet-nannies go through pet-sitter certification training, so you can always be confident that your dog is receiving certified, customized, loving care.
  • We offer daily care, overnight care and vacation packages. Check out our services here.
  • Our Care Club is perfect for frequent travelers and busy professionals!

Need an in-home pet-nanny? Get started now!