Creature Comforts: 12 Fun Toys and Accessories For Your Dog


Looking for some gift ideas for your dog’s birthday? Check out these awesome creature comforts every dog should have at home!


Kong – Fill them up and let them play! These are great for keeping your dog occupied when you’re about to leave the house.


Tennis Ball Launcher – Fetch just became even more fun (and less tiresome on your arm!) Tennis ball launchers help you tire your dog out more quickly, so they are perfect if you have a busy schedule and a Husky, Wirehaired Pointer or another high-energy breed.


Puzzle Boards – These nifty toys test your dog’s attention span and overall smarts! Plus, once they figure out the puzzle, they get a treat. There are plenty of puzzles on the market, from Mad Scientist themed puzzles to tricky treats varieties, there’s a puzzle for every personality!


Thick Rope Toys – Thick rope toys are perfect for teething puppies. Try soaking the toy in water and tossing it in the freezer for a few hours. This will sooth your puppy’s gums. Make sure you buy a high quality rope, so the threads don’t fray and become a choking hazard.


Fire House-Made Toys  – The material used to make fire hoses is virtually indestructible, which is perfect for those rough rouser dogs.


Automatic Fetch Machine – Now you no longer need to feel guilty about not being around to play fetch. When you’re busy or away from home, your dog can play fetch with himself with the automatic fetch machine. All he has to do is insert the ball on one end and fetch it on the other! Watch out, you might end up missing throwing the ball with him!


Plush Toys – whether you have a cow-sized pal or a lap-sitting cutie, every dog needs a plush toy. Plush toys range in all different sizes, styles and toughness levels. Do some research before getting just any old plush toy. The Tuffy brand is a pretty standard tough toy.


Glowing Collar – A glow collar is perfect for adventurous dogs. Whether you take your dog camping or you two love your night walks, a glowing collar is a fun and safe accessory!


Dog Mansions – Around here, no dog should be summoned to the dog house … unless it’s a dog mansion! Let your dog live the high life with customizable dog mansions. They are a little pricey, but nothing is too much for cutie!


Cooling Vest – During the summer, keep your dog cool on hikes and long park days with a cooling vest. They come in all sizes, and all you have to do is dip it in cold water!


Peek Fence Window – Ever catch your dog peeking his nose through the fence or even trying to jump up to see what’s the other side? Get him a peeking fence window!
Hammock Dog Bed –  Let your dog sleep like he’s on vacation with a dog bed hammock. The hammock gently sways them to sleep, and will keep your dog napping for hours.