Welcome to Canine Cuties! We are so pleased to introduce you to our company and our team of licensed, attentive, warm-hearted pet nannies. Whether you’re new to the Canine Cuties family, or you’re considering our services, we want to use this space to tell us a little more about who we are and what we stand by as an in-home pet care service.

We’re All About Quality Time

Quality pet care is about warmth, reliability, attention to specific instructions and helping dog owners feel at ease while they’re away from their best pals. At Canine Cuties, we bring our full-hearted approach to fully care for your dog. We know caring for your pet is not a quick, black-and-white, emotionless task. Real care means tugging and tossing their favorite toy a few extra times; it means belly rubs that seem to never end; it means taking the long way home so we can stop and investigate that curious rock one more time. We want our clients to know their pets feel love while they’re away. So, when we spend time with your dog, it’s quality time: we’re present, we’re focused and we’re over-the-top excited to be with them.

The Canine Cuties Custom Care Guarantee

  •      We promise to respect your home as your personal space.     
  •      We promise to leave your house as tidy as we found it.
  •      We promise to give our full attention to your dogs while we are with them.
  •      We promise to share updates with you, even if it’s simply that we’re having a ball together.
  •      We promise to follow any special care instructions you requested, such as leaving the blinds drawn, turning the lights on or off, locking the door (but not the deadbolt) … whatever it might be.
  •      We promise to make sure your dog receives love and attention while you’re away (at work, on vacation, anywhere).
  •      We promise to do our part to help you worry less while you’re away.


We Love That Your Dog Is Special, And We’ve Planned For It!

No one knows your dog like you do, but we believe she should get the same amount of love and attention even when you’re away. Your dog loves you, and no one can replace you. But while you’re away, we’ll provide belly rubs, super fun walks and playtime so they never feel any less love. Special medications or feeding times? We’re on it. Just write us any instructions and we’ll make sure and follow them strictly, even if they give us those puppy eyes when they try and break any house rules.  

Learn more about our highly personalized care with our Custom Care Plan. Look to this blog regularly for tips, news and fun information for you and your pet.